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About - Temple Finance


The Temple Finance is a blog for those of us who need both cents and sense: people fighting debt and bad spending habits while building a financially secure future and still affording a latte or two. Our busy lives are crazy enough without having to compare five hundred mutual funds – we just want simple ways to manage our finances and save a little money.

I am Tim and started thinking about finance a few years ago. I threw myself head first into trying to figure out every nuance of fixing my financial situation, and after a few months I began to get the picture. Within eight months, I had paid off all of my credit card debt, paid off my vehicle, and also established an emergency fund. Since I have a passion for writing and I had learned so much about how personal finance really works, I established this blog near the end of 2008 to tell the world about what I had learned and help people who were struggling with the same things.

What is Temple Finance?
Temple Finance is an exploration of personal finance from the perspective of a late-twenty something who just realized that he needs to get a grip on his money. I used to be a spending maniac. I’m doing better. Sometimes.

How do you update your site? Can you help me set up a weblog?
I use a weblog tool called WordPress. It lets me update my Web site from anywhere that has a net connection and a Web browser. It works pretty smoothly for my needs. If you want to start a weblog and don’t want to bother with the setup, you could try BloggerLiveJournal,TypePad, or WordPress.

I’d like to donate to Temple Finance. How can I do that?

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