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A lot of businesses are not aware about the importance of trademark for their brand.With a registered trademark, your business will enjoy higher customer loyalty and satisfaction.

A lot of businesses are not aware about the importance of trademark for their brand. Anything can be easily trademarked including a product, brand name, logo, slogan and also your name.

The biggest benefit of a trademark is that it protects the brand from infringement on the identity so that no other company can compromise on the image of the hard work you put in. Understand the benefits of a trademark before you decide to make an application.

Ability to use the ® symbol

Once you have a trademark for your business, you have the permission to use ® symbol which is a sign of professionalism. You can use this symbol on the goods and services you offer. It will give your products a market prestige and will build the consumers confidence in the business.

Stay away from infringers

The biggest advantage of a trademark is that others will not be able to copy your brand, logo, symbol or name and your brand will remain very unique. This will ensure that the identity and integrity of the brand is taken seriously by one and all.

In case of a brand infringement, you have the right to file a lawsuit and seek legal assistance. You can hire professional lawyers who will help you recover money for the damages caused due to your business. With a registered trademark, you will be entitled to statutory damages so that you can recover the lost finances after the infringement.

Protection across the globe

Once you have registered your business for a trademark, the local and national competitors will not be able to copy your brand.

Additionally, you also get worldwide protection and no foreign companies will be able to copy your brand or business. If you intend to take your brand into the International market a trademark will protect you in your future endeavor.

Block counterfeit goods

 Counterfeit goods are available for almost every brand and there are many counterfeiters who would try to sell products in the US which can damage the reputation of your business.

A registered trademark will block imports that violate your trademark registration rights. Such counterfeits will be recorded with the Customs who will help you protect your trademark at no additional cost.


These benefits not only help your brand gain value in the market but also allow your business to grow. It is a one time registration process and once the trademark has been registered, you need not worry about the competitive businesses or brands trying to copy your products or services.

Major organizations across the globe register a trademark so as to ensure that their business identity remains unique and protected. It is better to get the business registered than to have somebody else copying your concept and selling counterfeit products into different markets.

With a registered trademark, your business will enjoy higher customer loyalty and satisfaction. It will also be easily recognizable across the nation as well as global market and industries.

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