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Tips for Buying A Permanent Retreat in Costa Brava

Visit the Costa Brava Fincas website for more informationDo you want to spend your summer holiday at the Spanish seaside and you don’t know what destination to choose from? If you are a fan of beautiful scenery, water sports, clean beaches and historical places altogether, then take a trip to Costa Brava.

This corner of paradise is considered one of the most beautiful places to spend your vacation in. Dali, Picasso, Chagall and Man Ray are some of the artists captivated by the fishermen villages in Costa Brava, its clear sky, sandy beaches and spectacular landscape.  This delightful area stands for the ultimate experience, because it is a place where the sea meets the mountains, in an area loaded with entertainment options, natural monuments, archeological sites and breathtaking scenery.

Over the years, there rose a visible tendency among tourists, especially families or solid groups of friends, who not only choose Costa Brava for a permanent yearly holiday destination, but also for owning their own summer house. It is well known that Spain along with its islands and coasts attract thousands of tourists every season, many of them deciding to also turn a rented summer house into a place they can call home a few times a year.

Some things you should know before deciding to buy a house in Costa Brava involve a solid market research, as it offers a variety of options, one can feel lost among. From small village secluded houses, to mansions that became a trademark for elegance and luxury, depending on your budget and needs, you can find almost anything to suit your taste. Visit the Costa Brava Fincas website for more information regarding what Costa Brava has to offer in terms of real estate, while keeping in mind the following details:

  • The acquisition conditions for Costa Brava are the same as those involving the continental Spain and fall under the same laws
  • There are almost no legislative or logistic impediments in order to close a buying deal
  • A pre-condition in order to close a buying deal for a property in Costa Brava is to obtain a Spanish Fiscal Registration Number, in order to transfer the property right to an owner
  • Escritura de Compraventa represents a notary registration having a legal testimonial character which grants the ownership right
  • If you decide for a house / villa set in a touristic resort, the owner must pay the Comunidad fee, including cleaning of common areas, security, landscape maintenance, pool cleaning, repairmen fund
  • This fee, of course, depends from one case to another, the type of property, its location, facilities and the presence of the services in the area

The buyers’ interest is generally focused on the shore area of Costa Brava. The market offers good prices, from large apartments to independent mansions, ranging from 120.000 Euros to 500.000 Euros. Many of these places are close to the beach, golf courses and historical sites and the good news is that when you are not visiting your own place, you can rent your house to other tourists, this system working perfectly for everybody.

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